Retail Technology

Amazon in the UK

Although nobody outside of the company has a precise idea of the costs and difficulties involved in fitting out a store, what we can say for certain is that even with Amazon’s inexhaustible budgets, deploying thirty stores has taken over three years.

Unshrink: In Practice

Join us on Thursday February 25th at 3pm GMT - 10am EST as our panel tries to strike a balance between maximising the efficiency of store operations while minimising the risk of losses.

On Bias

Our recommendation is that if your provider has any facial recognition components, or if you are unsure where their training data comes from, you have a long talk with them and then have a longer conversation with us.

Moving Retail Beyond the Barcode

“The barcode is brilliant, cheap and reliable, but it has limitations that are hampering visibility of key cost-saving metrics. Intelligent cameras can illuminate these areas and deliver insights to many retail business units.”