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SAI is the most trusted name in computer vision for retail and we want to take a moment to introduce our new branding and let you know about a few of the great things that are happening in the coming weeks.

The "impossible eye" logo sums up our achievements so far, such as using existing cameras to generate value, processing multiple video feeds in real-time using only CPUs, and generating zero false-positive alerts.

What's Next?
Keep an eye out for upcoming industry events where we will be showcasing:

Configurable real-time, multi-stage loss prevention alerts
Push-out and item-in-cart warnings
Intelligent Self-Checkout interventions
Blockage, breakage and spillage alerts

The SAI story began on a shopping trip, and the shopping cart logo was emblematic of that. Our journey has evolved and we are now pushing the capabilities of computer vision for retail - loss prevention, customer and colleague safety, on-shelf availability - in short, generating real bottom-line gains.

Photo by Harrison Fitts on Unsplash

Chris Bell
Toronto, Canada