Chris Bell

Chris Bell

Preventing Falls, Slips and Trips

Retail is the third most dangerous industry in terms of non-fatal accidents and injuries. SAI’s computer vision platform can help retailers quickly identify potential trips and slip hazards, reducing their exposure to a $6bn problem.

Our Focus on Efficiency

There is a lazy assumption in the tech industry that artificial intelligence systems can only run efficiently if they use GPUs. Mandating this kind of specialised device has a few important effects

NRF 2023 Summary

A recurrent topic of conversation was around an protecting stores against an expected increase in theft caused by the global cost of living crises, however there was also a big interest in monitoring and managing customer journeys through stores.

Just Walk Out or Stay & Shop?

While frictionless shopping experiences such as Amazon’s Just Walk Out service have been grabbing headlines and generating a lot of hype around in-store computer vision systems, such a big-bang approach is simply out of line with the strategy of most existing brick-and-mortar retailers.

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